Fariba Moradgholi

Fariba Moradgholi is a passionate oil painter and pastel painter. Born in Tehran, Iran. She has resided in San Diego since 2017. She began painting as a young adult and continued to paint for private clients and improved her skills in painting and drawing. She has won awards in Iran and the United States. She has  painted not only with Oil and Pastel but also with other mediums like Acrylic, Water Color, Coal Powder and also Ink and likes to learn more and more not only in the field of painting but also learning about how to make sculpture or pottery or ceramic and many other things. So far she has figured out that she loves ceramic as much as she loves painting! As she likes to figure out about other art branches, she is studying Fine & Studio Art. So While She teaches drawing and painting full-time online and her lessons are very popular with students, She is a student and likes to always be a student and learn more and more! 

Creativity and art have always been a part of her life. Using a language of painting, Fariba encourages the viewer to allow artwork to connect to a memory, and provide the opportunity to contemplate or celebrate that moment. Her work is a pure expression of her being, her thoughts, feelings, memories, ideas and experiences. She encourages viewers to see their own story in the paintings, and the pieces can work as a trigger for the imagination of the viewer to interpret and read their own story. She wants to allow the viewer’s emotions and thoughts to express themselves. She wants to engage the viewer so that the meaning of the art can exist beyond the painting itself. She considers herself an impressionist who connects to what is within and immerses herself in a creative flow.

Fariba Moradgholi is a member of the Spanish Village Art Center and also Southwestern Artists Association. She resides in San Diego, California with her husband, daughter, and their beloved dog.